Small Business and Your Role

Small Business and Your Role

Hi Everyone!

     We have so many new items in the shop and if you don't follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you might have missed it. These are also platforms we use to post promo codes because we want to thank you for your business. Do you want to be a brand rep for us? Are you a California resident? If so, contact us by email at for a special discount! As an up and coming small business, we want to show our appreciation for those helping us to grow. By supporting small businesses, you are not only supporting entrepreneurship by fueling America's economic innovation and prosperity, you are supporting the idea of keeping dollars in the local communities. How awesome is that?!

     It should also be mentioned that you cannot find the variety of speciality products in the big chain stores that you can find with small shops. Are some of these products more expensive than in big chains? Yes, because we put our time, artistry, and energy into each product we create. We take the time to make sure that each product is perfect for our customers and if you find that it isn't, we want to fix that for you. You will speak to us directly whether it is by direct message, Facebook messenger, or by email. You can also speak to us by phone if you'd like.

     These special touches are why small businesses must charge a bit more for their products. I know, personally, when I purchase from small shops, which I do quite often, I feel good about my purchase because I know that I am doing something positive for that person or family behind that small shop and for the community itself. In the end, our goal is to give our customers something they love by doing something we love and always with a personal touch. We love this business and the products we provide to our customers. We hope that our dream of producing quality apparel shows though our products and our happy customers. Have a great week!!


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